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The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry recommends that every child have their first dental check up by age one. We strongly believe this is very important to our children in the Greater Springfield, Illinois area.

Our age one dental visit includes a tour of our office, and an introduction to our staff and Dr. Sirisha Govindaiah. After a comprehensive review of medical and dental history, we will examine your baby's teeth and soft tissue. We will polish their teeth and provide fluoride treatment and when appropriate, digital imaging and scaling will be incorporated into the exam.

Dr. Govindaiah will review anticipatory guidance and age appropriate preventive and comprehensive oral healthcare. She also enjoys discussing the importance of oral hygiene and it's impact on the overall health of children in Greater Springfield, Illinois. We’ll go over how to care for a young child’s mouth and discuss the impact diet and nutrition has on their developmental milestones and dental health.

With regular visits to Springfield Pediatric Dentistry in Springfield, Illinois, we can help parents and children develop a dental care routine and together we can achieve a lifetime of happy and healthy smiles.